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 Top 10 Customer Support Outsourcing Companies in 2023 | Helpware Outsourcing customer support is a great way to provide affordable but reliable service to your clients. Whether for voice or non-voice applications, there are plenty of excellent customer support... Written by Dana Mahoney Sunday, Jan 22 Table of Contents Outsourcing customer support is a great way to provide affordable but reliable service to your clients. Whether for voice or non-voice applications, there are plenty of excellent customer support outsourcing companies that fit every requirement. But then again, why even think about outsourcing? Isn’t local talent good enough to provide the service needed by a company’s customers? Plus, wouldn’t it be a disservice to customers if a company farms out its frontline operations to contractors? What Is Customer Support Outsourcing? By now, the best customer service companies should know the value of customer support and why it’s an essential cog in an organization. Like sales and marketing, customer service should already be in play during a company’s first day, as they are the group that comes into direct contact with clients. The main goal of customer support is to keep customers happy by attending to their needs and responding to their questions. However, it’s also a way to instill loyalty and generate additional sales. To do so, an outsourcing company must have its support team available whenever the customer needs it. Outsourcing customer support allows companies to maintain an around-the-clock service team managed by industry veterans and experts. Advantages of Customer Support Outsourcing Admittedly, not all company startups have leaders who are experts in every facet of their operations. Given their many responsibilities, many startup founders accept that they can’t do everything themselves. Non-core competencies such as customer service can benefit from outsourcing. Turning the service over to competent experts lets companies benefit from a bigger source of talent from all over the world. At the same time, companies that outsource customer support enjoy reduced payroll without sacrificing service quality. Other benefits of outsourcing include: More Opportunities to Grow the Business By assigning customer support to expert outsourcing service providers, leaders can instead turn to scaling the business. Overseeing the day-to-day operations can already take much of management’s time, and customer support is equally demanding. To help executives focus on the big picture, they’ll need to partner with the best service companies that know what they’re doing. Enhance Customer Experience Given the opportunity to communicate and interact with customer service, many customers will express their satisfaction in getting their voices heard. If customer service companies and their team address customers’ issues in a satisfactory way, they’re more than likely to remain customers. A pleasant customer experience will almost always lead to longer retention and a significantly higher customer lifetime value (CLV). This isn’t to say a stellar customer experience is only possible through outsourcing. Rather, the chances of improving customer satisfaction come with a continuous and consistent level of service. Providing a highly specialized, dedicated team of professionals from day one is a great way to achieve this quickly. Top 10 Customer Support Outsourcing Companies We’ve narrowed down the list of companies with great customer service to the top 10 most prominent ones in 2022. We’ll also provide a brief description and highlight the main strong points of each outsourcing company. 1. Helpware Helpware started in 2015 with the initial goal of providing support to startup companies. Over the years, the company has grown big and is confident enough to provide both enterprise and small business customer service outsourcing solutions. Providing back office, technical, and customer support, Helpware specializes in assisting companies in various support areas. This includes Omnichannel Customer Support, Technical & IT Support, Content Moderation, CX Consulting Services, Back Office Support, Data Labeling, Digital Marketing Solutions, and Cyber Security. The company provides only dedicated agents, in-house training, and equipment to help its clients boost their productivity from day one. Now it’s one of the top customer service companies in the US and European markets with numerous awards and positive reviews from satisfied clients on Clutch and other reputable platforms. Helpware’s people-focused culture seems very attractive to businesses sharing the same philosophy. Pros: Shows outstanding flexibility when providing for clients’ specific needs. This means its support can scale along with your company’s growth. Offers turn-key solutions, so you don’t have to look for either option separately. Helpware’s focused on developing its people and their skills and it pays off handsomely, especially in customer support outsourcing contracts. Some global brands are happy to have their customer support outsourced to Helpware. 2. Sykes U.S.-based Sykes is one of the pioneers of the BPO industry. Established in 1995, the company trailblazed its way to the top and was one of the first BPOs to open multiple locations. In 2021, the Sitel Group acquired Sykes to widen its reach and increase its capacity. Sykes is one of the top 10 service companies and leading service providers of demand generation and customer engagement services, with clients included in the top 2000 companies worldwide. At the core of Sykes’ business are its staple services: outsourcing, customer experience, service to sales, digital transformation, and brand extension. Pros: Sykes maintains a pool of service agents from its clients’ home countries. The company is well-versed in matters concerning data privacy. Specifically, Sykes follows various privacy guidelines, including HIPAA compliance and Payment Card Industry (PCI) data security certification. 3. Ascensos Founded in 2013 in the UK, Ascensos is one of those outsourced customer service companies that wanted to change the customer experience by applying a personal touch to customer care. The company is now Europe’s number-one customer support outsourcing company, providing bespoke customer experience solutions to clients around the world. In addition, its contact center operation locations include the UK, Romania, Turkey, and South Africa. Pros: Ascensos is more nearshore than an offshore support center, so location and time zone differences aren’t as pronounced as operations in Asia and South America. Companies that outsource customer service to Ascensos value the fact that it supports diversity and inclusivity among staff while focusing on promoting happiness as a key asset among its workforce. Although there aren’t any published pricing rates, instead, Ascensos will individually respond to requests for quotes, the prices of this outsourcing customer service company are more than affordable. 4. Teleperformance With more than 40 years of experience in the BPO industry, Teleperformance is an established leader in solution design, business optimization strategies, and front-office customer support. It also offers back-office services such as finance and accounting, collections, and technical support. Pros: Teleperformance is a truly global service provider. It operates in 80 countries and employs more than 330,000 agents speaking over 265 languages and deservedly belongs to a league of good customer service companies. You won’t find it difficult to get support in the language and location you require. Clients also appreciate the company’s expertise in providing omnichannel solutions. 5. VXI VXI Global Solutions is one of those outsourcing agencies that offer customer care and customer experience (CX) solutions to some of today’s major global brands. In addition, the company offers contact center and BPO services, omnichannel and multilingual support, software development, CX innovation, quality assurance (QA), and infrastructure outsourcing. VXI employs more than 35,000 workers in 43 countries throughout North America, Asia, Europe, and the Caribbean. The company also prides itself on its ability to help clients resolve major CX and employee experience (EX) pain points and take their customer service systems to the next level. Like any modern BPO, VXI employs omnichannel support services to enhance communication coverage for clients. Also, VXI provides additional analytics and insights generation services so clients can learn as they go. Pros: High CX expertise leads to enhanced customer and employee experience. VXI displays an uncanny ability to scale up or down to fit its client’s capabilities. 6. InfluX In its quest to build the world’s first remote-only CX team, InfluX managed to recruit employees from more than 120 cities worldwide. This strategy also lets them provide 24-hour customer support outsourcing solutions within the client’s time zone. In addition, InfluX creates specialized customer experiences that reflect the client’s vision, voice, and values. Pros: Less dependence on automation and more on human interaction make for a better customer experience. Having employees in every time zone solves the common offshore problem of mismatched time schedules between clients and outsourcing companies. Pay-as-go pricing may be attractive to some clients who prefer flexible packages. 7. Skycom Skycom is also on the list of nearshore outsourcing companies that specialize in multi-continent support services. The company employs native English contact center agents with experience in multiple industries. Skycom also offers a full range of services, including business process outsourcing, telemarketing and sales, customer support, and healthcare. With more than 15 years of experience, Skycom also employs over 2,000 workers assigned to 35 clients in five countries. Pros: Nearshore operations mean fewer problems dealing with time zone and distance differences. Skycom covers a wide range of industries, including healthcare, travel, utilities, IT, finance, retail, and telecommunications. 8. Integra Integra’s differentiator is its focus on training its workforce in customer psychology. This means company-provided support agents are more sensitive in detecting changes in the customer’s voice or tone. As a result, they can respond to these changes to defuse any tension and lead the customer into a more positive mindset. Starting with four employees in 2004, Integra currently employs more than 1,400 workers stationed across four countries. It handles customer service duties over the phone, email, live chat, or social media. Pros: Integra offers some of the most cost-effective solutions in the industry. Sales psychology is also an incredible asset to have if you work in a customer support outsourcing company. 9. Telus Telus International is one of the world’s leading digital CX innovators. In particular, it designs and produces next-generation digital solutions for brands all over the world. This is one of the Canadian top IT outsourcing companies that provide IT services and multilingual customer service to industries such as technology, media, communications, eCommerce, financial technology, travel, hospitality, automotive, healthcare, and games. Pros: Telus International is a premium multilingual contact center. It is one of those IT support outsourcing companies that offer top-tier customer support services in various countries and more than 50 languages. Telus is famous among IT services outsourcing companies for organizing an annual charitable initiative called “Telus Days of Giving.” In particular, the company taps 225,000 volunteers from its offices to complete various service projects across its many host countries. 10. Arise Arise is a 25-year-old United States-based company that specializes in providing support outsourcing services across the USA. It employs more than 60,000 remote agents in the U.S., Canada, and the United Kingdom. Unlike a traditional BPO, Arise utilizes a network of service partners to provide the needed customer service experiences. In addition, the Arise Platform helps companies lower expenses. As a result, Arise clients report an average 25% reduction in contact center service total costs, which is why clients want to outsource customer service small business really needs. Pros: Arise deploys a tiered security approach in its communications with clients. This ensures they preserve the confidentiality of documents or files sent over. It also means Arise conforms to widely accepted data privacy regulations such as HIPAA, CCPA, and others. Arise also focuses its employment on local talent, hiring residents of the U.S., UK, and Canada. This means stable employment for the company and an easier method of hiring or replacing staff members. Choose the Best Outsourcing Companies That Fit Your Needs Deciding which outsourcing providers to contact for your customer support outsourcing needs? Perform the necessary research before settling on your choice. For instance, some customer service outsource companies on our list might command a pricing structure higher than what your budget holds. In addition, consider your company’s specific requirements and areas for improvement. Do you need a customer support team focused on CX? Or, do you prefer having sales psychology-trained outbound callers who can close deals? Finally, does the appeal of higher-cost nearshoring resonate better than offshore talents a few time zones away? No one-size-fits-all solution exists when it comes to customer support outsourcing. However, if you want a highly flexible and secure customer service solution that utilizes modern technology throughout the various stages, try the best companies for customer service. These largest outsourcing companies not only supply the best talent, but also the best equipment and training to prepare them.

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 Outstanding Website Layout and Coding Offerings in Key US Municipalities Web layout and programming is critical for any business wanting to establish an internet visibility. Leading cities across the US have gifted agencies and freelancers offering these solutions. Here is an overview of best web design and coding choices in some of the largest city zones. New York Municipality New York City is a center for artistic ability, featuring website creators and programmers. Some of the top companies showcase is an attempt to add spintax to every word in the article: Outstanding Web Design and Programming Solutions in Key US Municipalities Web design and development is imperative for any company looking to establish an online visibility. Leading metros across the US have gifted firms and contractors delivering these solutions. Here is an outline of best website layout and development alternatives in some of the largest city zones. New York Municipality New York Metro is a nexus for creative skill, featuring online designers and developers. Some of the leading agencies include ] ] ]. Known for sleek, contemporary web layout and professional website coding. Contractors are also prevalent, with leading ability located on platforms like Upwork and Dribbble. Many focus in website and graphic design. With an eye for the latest looks, NYC consultants succeed at creating aesthetically enticing, audience-intuitive websites. Los Angeles With its strong associations to media and technology, Los Angeles has some of the best website template and development offered. Leading agencies like 1], 2], and 3] have assisted leading businesses develop outstanding pages. From video implementations to intricate backends, LA web programmers have the skills to actualize any vision to life. For startups and smaller companies, the expansive directory of skilled contractors can provide more financial-friendly possibilities. Advertising on gig platforms like Craigslist often yields great finds. Chicago Chicago provides a bustling network of digital firms and contractors. 1], 2], and 3] lead the field when it relates to website design services, featuring spectacular sites with an creative style. On the programming area, ] ] ]. have helped ventures and enterprises develop versatile, vast-size website systems. Independent developers and developers flourish on services like Behance and LinkedIn. Many alumni of top schools like Northwestern and the University of Chicago opt to continue local after completing. Other Major Cities Other metropolitan centers like Houston, Phoenix, San Francisco, Seattle, Miami, and Boston also have superb online template and coding ability. Area agencies remain on current of the newest innovations and best approaches. Individual creators and coders often assemble in co-working areas or create collectives. Utilizing adequately-connected regional skill, whether agencies or consultants, is a intelligent move when wanting quality web offerings. Proximity enables enhanced coordination and collaboration. Thriving tech communities also yield superior relationships for identifying developers with background in specific frameworks or coding languages. This outline demonstrates that key metros have premium website template and development options suitable for all company needs and finances. Utilizing local ability can deliver advantages in assistance, ease and expertise.], 2], and 3]. Renowned for smooth, contemporary web design and specialist web programming. Consultants are also numerous, with best talent located on services like Upwork and Dribbble. Many focus in web and print template. With an eye for the newest looks, NYC freelancers succeed at building optically enticing, customer-intuitive pages. Los Angeles With its close ties to entertainment and technology, Los Angeles has some of the best online template and programming offered. Leading agencies like ] ] ]. have supported huge brands create excellent pages. From multimedia incorporations to complex backends, LA website developers have the skills to bring any idea to life. For founders and leaner businesses, the large directory of qualified contractors can offer more financial-effective possibilities. Posting on gig platforms like Craigslist often produces fantastic finds. Chicago Chicago offers a thriving ecosystem of online companies and contractors. ] ] ]. spearhead the field when it relates to web design solutions, offering stunning pages with an artistic flair. On the development side, ] ] ]. have helped ventures and enterprises build versatile, large-level online platforms. Independent creators and developers flourish on sites like Behance and LinkedIn. Many alumni of leading schools like Northwestern and the University of Chicago choose to remain local after finishing. Other Major Cities Additional metropolitan hubs like Houston, Phoenix, San Francisco, Seattle, Miami, and Boston also have stellar online template and coding talent. Area firms continue on current of the latest innovations and best practices. Individual developers and developers often convene in communal spaces or make groups. Utilizing adequately-connected area skill, whether agencies or contractors, is a wise decision when wanting excellent website services. Nearness facilitates better collaboration and teamwork. Thriving technology ecosystems also generate better relationships for finding developers with experience in specific frameworks or scripting languages. This summary demonstrates that leading cities have premium website layout and development choices suitable for all enterprise needs and finances. Leveraging local ability can deliver benefits in service, simplicity and knowledge.

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 КЛБ "Свитанок" поздравляет нашего спортсмена Шкода Дмитрия с победой в забеге ко дню всех Влюбленных #ЗАКАХАННЕ 16.02.2020 Минск

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 Поздравляем наших участников: Кудлянского Владимира, Асташову Наталью и эстафетную команду с успешным выступлением на Могилёвском мебелайн марафоне 6 октября 2019 года!

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 Спасибо активу КЛБ Свитанок за помощь в организации и проведении пробега День металлурга город Жлобин 14 июля 2019 года.

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 Прекрасный сайт. Автор настоящий web-дизайнер. Работает быстро. Очень много полезной информации. Идея создать собственный сайт замечательная. Спасибо автору - Василию Калееву за чудесный сайт. Получился отличный подарок ко Дню рождения КЛБ и к Новому году членам клуба.

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 Выражаем огромную благодарность организаторам праздника День рождения КЛБ Свитанок Самсонову Никите, Светлане Жигуновой и Максиму Криворучко, который состоялся 8.12.2018 в ДК Металлургов.

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